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Food Caramel Apple
Symbol German Stormtrooper Helmet WW1

Animal dove, hammer and sickle
Game German World War 2 Helmet
Symbol Diffusion and Permeability Measurement Apparatus- Refractive Index
Support Mixed-Reactant Direct Methanol Redox Fuel Cell
Game Ion Exchange Capacity Experiment
Tool Indirect Methanol Fuel Cell
Support Diffusion and Permeability Measurement Apparatus
Symbol Baseball Helmet

Icon Metal Sword Icon
People MechMan

Pattern cromossomo metacentrico
Art Quatrefoil Enamel
Design Farmer and Pumpkin head
Tool Direct Methanol Fuel Cell- Simple
Tool Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Art Monotype Ornaments
Tool Direct Methanol Alkaline Fuel Cell Simple
Support Direct Methanol Alkaline Fuel Cell KOH Electrolyte

Symbol Direct Methanol Alkaline Fuel Cell Color
Tool Anion Exchange Membrane

Black and White migration is not a crime (stencil)
Symbol hammer and sickle in star