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Art Turning Car
Food turnip

Technology DJ turntable
General Turn off button
Symbol Saturn
General saturn dan gerhards 01
General ftendturn
General edge to edge 4 turns greek key, inverse meandre, with lines
General greek key T shape/4 turns/meander/lines
General (GD-19) The sign "Standing tale sign - Turn current on the electric train"

General (GD-18) sign "permanent warning sign - Turn on the electric current"
General (GD-17) The sign "Permanent sign - Turn off the current"

Symbol Sign Turn Left
Icon Roadsign turn left
Vector Graphic Roadsign Turn Ahead
Icon Financial Turnaround
General no U-turn sign
General butterfly (papilio turnus) side view
Animal butterfly (papilio turnus) top view

People Return of Odysseus
Technology Simple turntable

Music Turntable
General U-Turn