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La Danza de La Muerte 2

Group silhouette
Simple shield
Line normal begin
Database Shape
Envelope template
Seed of Life
Stupid 3d Cube

Netball silhouette
Decorative curves

Simple heart
Mouse pointer
Four Elements
DNA helix
Bark (ship)
Scroll outline
Bare tree

Necker cube
IEC Diode Symbol

Paper plane
Cyclist silhouette
Tuned Lada VAZ 2101
Fuck Yea vector
Old medium truck
Pregnant belly
Greek amphora 2
Black scorpion

Trinity Spiral
Wedding cake

Small truck
Puzzle piece
Sugar cane
Flatware Spoon
Man Reading to Cat
Aiga Escalator Up
Charging goat
Right hand

French outline

Fast Food, Drinks, Coffee
Cartoon car
USA politique
Caixa de papelão
Fully rigged ship